Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3 Days Down

It's the end of the third day and I have learned so many things!

1. I actually like bell peppers!
2. I don't need to eat a pound of food to be full....
3. I do however need snacks between my meals!
4. I love walking with my daughter!

These first three days have been great. There are times I am hungry but I know I just need to get some more fruit or veggies to have around to snack on. I already feel like I can walk longer than the 20 minutes I've been doing. My arms and shoulders are sore tonight but today I added some wall push-ups to my daily routine.

I'm excited about the rest of the week. I have some fitness DVD's laying around and I am actually going to try them out! I get shrimp tomorrow for lunch, YAY!

I have been craving sweets and thank God I found dark chocolate almonds that are paleo friendly. They have helped me keep my sweet tooth in check without cheating! Of course it does not help that Rob has birthday cake oreo cookies in the house (eek!!) but I have my almonds :)

So heres hoping the next couple of days go just as smoothly and when I weigh in on Monday I've lost something!

1 comment:

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