Monday, June 17, 2013

Day one and it was a good day!!

First day of Paleo and it was good. I did feel hungry once but that's because I had my protein shake at 7am and did not eat breakfast till noon!!

Had a great walk with Nikki, even had enough energy to clean the kitchen, I know amazing right??

Lunch was grilled chicken with chili powder and a mix of vegetable, dinner was a turkey burger rolled up into cabbage, SUPER yummy! I ended it all with a serving of almonds :)

Tomorrow I am going to look into more Paleo recipes and start making my meal plan for another 30 days. I'm just glad and excited that I feel good, most of the time when I start a diet/lifestyle/healthy eating I feel like crap and I'm hungry ALL day, this is a good sign :)

Mmmmm lunch

*taken with my cell, sorry :)

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